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Twitter Is Changing – How Can You Benefit?


For the average person, about one hour and forty minutes of every day is spent on social media. It accounts for more than a quarter of our time on the internet, so it is a great way to connect with potential customers. And when your business runs great social media campaigns, it can generate significant awareness of your brand; increasing both the number of leads you acquire and brand loyalty.

The Changing Face Of Social Media

The continuous development of social media has seen endless new products and ways to reach audiences for businesses. It has also allowed social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to continually adapt to meet the expectations and wants of their target audience.

Changing Twitter

Twitter has seen a significant rise in the number of developments it has launched. One such change was the poll, a feature that allows you to ask a question, provide a few pre-determined answers and then see the results.

This has provided companies with an excellent way to engage audiences and gather information to help them develop their products and services. Originally users were limited to just two options, but now they can have at least 4, and although it is a small change, it is helpful.

In addition, Twitter has increased the potential length of direct messages that users can send to each other. At one point it was limited to just 160 characters. Now the messages can be as long as 1,000 characters, which can have an enormous impact on direct messaging and if used well, can improve the relationship between a brand and their followers.

Now a major new change on Twitter, is about to come.

Media No Longer Eats Into The Character Count

Previously, your tweets could be a maximum of 140 characters, including any links, images or user names. Now those three items will no longer contribute to your character count.

This change potentially frees up loads of space on tweets to allow users to fill them with more information. It also provides a few headaches when marketing your business. Images have always been popular on social media channels, and updates with images tend to get better interaction rates than those without. However, not every message could contain a picture as it would limit the tweet’s potential.

Now that images don’t count towards a tweet’s character, every tweet regardless can have an image. While this makes tweets look more impressive and helps to raise the quality of content on the site: it makes it harder for marketing.

Assuming a rise in the number of images attached to Tweets, it is now the quality of the image that will become a deciding factor for interest in your brand. Imagine two dog food sellers. They publish an update about their almost identical dog food tins on Twitter. Both include an image of a dog eating from a bowl. Every little detail about that dog will matter now; the color of the bowl, the breed of the dog, the quality of the image, whether there is a call to action or not.

Small businesses, like yourself, will be under pressure to not just use images, but develop quality images that might not be in your skill-set. Even the color in the background can be a deciding factor when it comes to selling on social media with images.

So how can you beat the competition and ensure your Twitter campaigns are still the best on the platform? What do you need to do to adapt to these changes? Here is a quick guide.

1. Use Longer URLS – URL shorteners used to be vital for updates on Twitter. They could turn a website address that was 50 or more characters long into half of that – saving on vital characters. The problem is that some customers mistrust shortened URLs and this backed up by research that there is a perception they could direct customers to unsavory chapters. With the new system, URLs can be used to remove the threat of your content being unfairly avoided.

2. Multiple Partners In Conversation – Sometimes, what we want to say needs to be said to numerous people. Previously, that conversation had to be limited, or the message short. So you could end up sending multiple messages, which were essentially the same, to different users. Now, you have the chance to send the same message to any number in a group.

This will unclog Twitter a little but it could make it harder for Twitter to detect mass spam. Also, users might not like the fact you are specifically targeting them. So it would be wise to use your new characters to ensure the message is relevant and valuable to the recipient.

3. Images Need To Be Of Higher Quality – Images will become a major focus for your Twitter campaigns. With the potential for every update to have an image – you are likely to struggle to grab the attention of the audience without one. You’ll also have to up the game when it comes to image generation.

Try looking for sites offering free images like Pixabay. Then use free editing software to make small changes to the images (like adding the title of the page you are sending them to, or a quote, etc.) and finally use the software to optimize the image for the web. The higher the quality of the image, the more attention it is going to grab.

Twitter Is Changing, Are Your Campaigns?

With all the changes that are going on with Twitter, you’ll have to be smarter in how you market on the social media platform. By upping your image game, you can still maintain excellent results on the platform, but chances are, you will be spending more time creating content on the platform than you have ever done before.

How do you think the changes to Twitter will affect your social media campaigns? Are you looking forward to the changes?

Let us know in the comments below or contact a member of the Ragain Financial Team.

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